A Quilt for All Seasons

We have all heard, seen or read about the legend of the Vikings. They thrived from the 8th to the late 11th centuries by raiding and trading across Europe. We also know that the Vikings were the masters of the sea and warfare. What we do not know is that they mastered comfort as well.

The Vikings had mastered the art of duvet too. Yes, that’s right. The magnificent Oseberg Viking ship, buried in the year 834 AD, has beds with duvets and pillows. The wealthy members had duvets stuffed with Eiderdown, one of the most exclusive feathers even today as they are known for their effectiveness as thermal insulators. The less lucky members had feathers of commonly-found birds, such as crows, stuffed in their duvets. Whichever the case may be, it is impressive that the great warriors who won wars on land and sea were also serious about a good night’s sleep.

So what exactly is a duvet?

Basically, a duvet is a fabric bag, stuffed with soft material like feathers, in ancient times, and polyesters, wool, down and silk, in today’s time. Typically, the size of the duvet is the same as the size of the mattress. If you need a duvet to cover the sides of your mattress, you will need a larger one.

Now comes the next important question —

Why duvets?

1 Say goodbye to top sheets:

Duvets are the most convenient replacements for top-sheets. They not only save the money spent on purchasing attractive top-sheets, but also reduce laundry!

2 Easy to maintain:

Duvet inserts can be covered with duvet covers. While the inserts may need specialized dry cleaning, the covers can be removed as often as you want and washed with your regular clothes. This takes care of the maintenance part without any hassle at all.

3 Make bed in minutes:

Since the top-sheets are no more a part of the bedding, the process of making the bed becomes much quicker. All you need to do is straighten the duvet, and your bed will be ready!

4 Measuring the togs:

The main purpose of a duvet is to help its user get comfortable in bed. While duvets were invented to help keep people warm during winters, modern technology has made it possible for duvets to help you cozy up in bed during summers too. Manufacturers today measure the thermal insulation of duvets with a unit of measurement called togs. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet will be. All you need to do is select a duvet appropriate to the season.


Duvets are called with different names in different countries:

  • Australia – Doona
  • Britain – Continental Quilt
  • India and Pakistan – Razai

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