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Bedwetting is a common issue hotel face not only when they have young guests. But at times there are adults and seniors; who may be suffering from different conditions resulting in wetting the bed. In this process, without a proper mattress protector for bedwetting; everything gets ruined. Usually this means deep cleaning the hotel bedding; especially the mattress doesn’t have any remaining smells or dirt that will result in a bad experience for the next guests.  Sometimes things get too much out of hand and there is no other option other than entirely replacing the mattress. This is not a feasible option because continuously purchasing new mattress is very expensive. This is where you need to invest in the best waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting. You can always rely on bedwetting pads to protect your mattresses and stop them from getting dirty.

If you are a hotel property that hosts young kids and seniors the waterproof mattress protectors is the perfect choice for you.

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Best Mattress Protector for Bed Wetting

At DZEE Textiles, we manufacture and distribute a high-quality waterproof mattress protector for bed wetting. It is a smart addition to your hotel property’s bedding set. We use premium virgin microfiber fabric to manufacture the outer shell of the mattress pad. It ensures a soft finish to the final product. For a comfortable fill, we use 100% polyester fiber which is 8oz thick per square. The diamond quilted tops, equally distributes the fill, and stops it from shifting around when guests are sleeping. The tuff polyurethane coating of the bedwetting pads ensures, no liquid or substance is able to get through it.

Our mattress protector for bed wetting has elastic anchor band edges at each corner. These anchors are stretchable and ensure a snug fit of the bed wetting mattress protector on your mattress. It ensures, the mattress protector doesn’t move while the guests are sleeping.

Benefits of the Best Mattress Protector for Bed Wetting

A waterproof bed wetting mattress protector is much more than just something stopping liquid from reaching the mattress. It is a smart investment for your hotel in many other ways:

·         Increased Mattress Lifespan

By investing the best waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting, you save your mattress from all kinds of liquid. The mattress remains dry for the most part and nothing gets deeply embedded in its folds. The main recipient of bedwetting remains the bedwetting pads and the mattress remains unharmed in the entire debacle.  The bed wetting mattress protector doesn’t only stop liquids but it also holds back perspiration, allergens, dust mites, and bacteria from entering your mattress.

As the mattress is not going through the major wear and tear directly, you are able to use a single mattress for a much longer time; in comparison to those who don’t have a protector.

·         Airy & Comfortable for Guests

As the manufacturer and distributors of the best mattress protector for bed wetting; we can tell you that these protectors enhance guest sleeping experience at your hotel. The bedwetting pads are not heavy and do not cause the guests to feel hot or sweat while they sleep. They are airy and let the guests feel cool throughout the night. Since they are airy, guests who don’t have any issues, can also sleep on them without any issue.

You can place your mattress protector for bed wetting in every guestroom without a worry as guests will not feel disturbed by them

 bed wetting mattress protector

·         Easy Institutional Laundering

In comparison to bed wetting mattress protector; cleaning a mattress is very difficult. You need to take the entire thing outside; ensure you get to the core of the mattress with the cleaning. Plus, drying time is another hassle you have to put up with. The mattress protector on the other hand, can easily be taken off from the bed, and can be institutionally laundered; saving you effort and resources. Then you can dry it off in a short while and place it back on the bed.

We not only claim to have the best waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting; but we ensure that their use makes them worth the investment. Your guests sleep comfortably and your housekeeping staff keeps everything hygienic.


Choosing a mattress protector for bed wetting needs to have three features, which includes them being; waterproof, breathable, and durable. Our bedwetting pads have all three of the features. You have to understand what your hotel mattress protector requirement is; and research for the best product in the market. We have developed our waterproof mattress protectors after considerable research to deliver a product that is easy to use; and provides an effective solution for your guests’ bedwetting issues. The best mattress protector for bed wetting is a simple solution to multiple issues you face in your hotel guestroom; related to the mattress.



The best waterproof mattress protector for bedwetting saves your mattress from accidents adding to its lifespan. Plus, a waterproof mattress protector for bed wetting is much simpler to clean and handle in comparison to a mattress. What are your thoughts about bedwetting pads in hotels? Would you be investing in a bed wetting mattress protector for your hotel property? Let us know in the comments below.

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