Are Bed Encasements for Mattress Insects a Necessity for Accommodations?

A business becomes successful when it actively works towards protecting its investments. Similarly, hotels also focus on protecting their investments. These investments can be in the form of various hotel supplies, including bedding essentials. One main component of hotel bedding that requires protection is the mattress. Hotel mattresses can incur thousands of dollars in costs. Providing comfort and relaxation becomes challenging, especially in a people-oriented sector such as hospitality. This is why hotels require long-term solutions to protect their hotel mattresses. Mattresses in hotels directly influence guests’ comfort. However, hoteliers may often face challenges due to bed bugs. This is why hotels use mattress encasements for bed bugs to ensure protection against such problems. In this blog, DZEE Textiles explains how mattress encasements are essential for hotels to protect their mattresses from bed bugs.

Zippered mattress encasement

Are Mattress Encasements Worth the Investment?

A simple formula for determining the worthiness of an investment is to carry out a cost-benefit analysis. The same can be applied to mattress encasements. 

Cost-Benefit Analysis

A cost-benefit analysis for mattress encasements by DZEE Textiles can provide a thorough overview of what they offer. Before carrying out the analysis, it would be beneficial to know the encasements’ price range. The prices of different sizes are given below:


Size  Price per Unit Quantity
Twin $12.95 12 per case
Full  $16.95 12 per case
Queen  $17.95 12 per case
King $19.95 12 per case


Let’s consider full-sized mattress encasements to study the benefits against their cost:


Cost-Benefit Matrix 
Cost Feature Benefit
$16.95 (Full-sized) 100% Polyester stretch knit The stretchable polyester makes mattress encasements durable and resilient to stress-induced tears. 
100% Polyurethane waterproof coating The polyurethane coating makes these mattress protectors waterproof, significantly reducing the chances of damage from spills of beverages, blood, or urine. 
Easy Zipper The zipper allows the housekeeping staff to remove and reinstall a mattress encasement easily.

The zipper, combined with the stretchable fabric, also makes the encasement more durable and tear-resistant.

Velcro Enclosure The mattress encasement’s Velcro enclosure has been specially designed to cover the zipper, preventing bugs from getting inside. 

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Are Mattress Encasements Worth it?

The cost-benefit analysis answers this very question. It shows that a full-sized mattress encasement that would cost $16.95 offers a variety of features. These include its stretchable polyester fabric, polyurethane coating, zipper, and velcro enclosure. The stated features highlight the efforts by DZEE Textiles to help your hotel combat bed bugs and prevent them from disturbing your guests and ruining your business. 

The fabric’s waterproof coating and the Velcro-zipper combination ensure that bed bugs cannot penetrate and reach the mattress. Thus, any infestation is prevented, and the bugs are left to be wiped out by housekeeping. 

mattress encasement colletion

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To conclude, hotel mattress encasements are essential hotel bedding in modern hospitality. DZEE Textiles has gone to great lengths to establish a distribution network that would enable us to provide you with high-quality mattress encasements precisely on time. Our mattress encasements are made with 100% stretchable polyester coated with a polyurethane coating. They also come equipped with a velcro zipper, enhancing the protection they offer your mattresses. Our drive to serve you has also enabled us to provide you with a wide range of hotel supplies. These include hotel towels, guest room essentials, and hotel amenities. 

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