Beef up Your Resort’s Attraction with DZEE Textiles Bathe Curtains

Shower curtains play an important role in a hotel’s bathroom and provide privacy and protection to the individuals taking a bath by keeping the bathing area covered and virtually separated from the bathroom. Another element is that shower curtains add a sense of elegance to the bathroom. 

Many visitors to a hotel would not even know the impact of having a shower curtain covering them throughout their bathing session. If you have not installed hotel shower curtains in your bathroom, then you have missed out on an easy way to provide value to your guests. 

Imagine a guest who has had a long and tiring day, full of meetings and business, taking a warm shower to relax. However, there is no shower curtain in the hotel bathroom, and the water is splashed all over the floor, creating a mess. As they step out of the shower, they are not able to maintain a firm footing due to the excess water and end up slipping and falling, hurting themselves and possibly causing damage to your establishment. This is a scenario that you want to avoid in reality. 

Shower Curtains

In this blog, DZEE Textiles presents its shower curtains as the key to unlocking potential value and adding it to your visitor’s experience. 

The Value-Adding Features of a Hotel’s Supply Chain. 

The value-adding features of a hotel shower curtain may include the following:

1: Water repellent

2: Hook-less and Curtain Rings

3: Easy Maintenance

4: Generous Dimensions

5: Ultra-sonic Hem Technology

Water Repellent

Since the basic function of a shower curtain is to stop water from splashing around all over the bathroom, its first property and feature is that it is a water-repellent tool.  DZEE Textiles’ shower curtains are 100% 95 GSM polyester, making them an ideal choice for water-repellent bathroom amenities. This trait or feature is vital for ensuring the effectiveness of a hotel shower curtain. A shower curtain that is not water-repellent would become water-soaked once it comes in contact with water. This would lead to the shower curtains getting weighed down due to water and the chances of contracting allergens and molds would increase. 

Hook-Less and Curtain Rings

The shower curtain is supposed to hang outside the bathing area. The oldest method of doing this was by using hooks outside the bathing space, but the negative impact on the ambiance and overall look of the bathroom led to the development of curtain rings. DZEE Textiles provides hotel shower curtains with rings that can be easily slid down the hanging rod. The idea behind curtain rings is to provide the management with a hassle-free and quick method of installing, removing, and maintaining hotel shower curtains. 

Easy Maintenance

What is even the point of being a part of the hospitality industry if it is not easily maintainable? It is important to focus on the maintainability of the product and to ensure that the burden on housekeeping is reduced; consequently, making the process more efficient for the hotels. The 100% polyester material of the shower curtains makes them resistant to stains and easily washable. Hotel shower curtains by DZEE Textiles have been developed to be washed with cold water and dried with the circulation of warm air. This makes it very easy for the housekeeping staff to quickly clean and dry the shower curtains and make the hotel room available for the guests. 

Shower curtain features

Generous Dimensions

The dimensions of a regular hotel shower curtain are normally 72 X 72 inches. This makes the shower curtain square and also reduces the area covered by the curtain. To mitigate this, DZEE Textiles changed the dimensions to 71 X 74 inches, making the hotel shower curtain a perfect amenity to be used in hotel washrooms. The additional 3 inches may not seem like much but a technical view of the dimensions would show that now it was less square, and had a rectangular shape. This made it an ideal choice for usage in hotels, as it left a few inches up from the ground, making the bathing space breathable and less claustrophobic while also allowing them to cover the space from the sides effectively. 

Ultra-sonic Hem Technology

DZEE Textiles has perfected the hotel shower curtain with its ultra-sonic hem technology. This innovative feature prevents water from pooling at the bottom of the curtain and allows it to flow down the drain as it should.

Bathroom Shower Curtains


To conclude, the hotel shower curtains by DZEE Textiles are considered to be an effective and efficient product for improving guest satisfaction. Hotels that have been looking to bolster their hotel supplies with hotel amenities should look towards bathroom amenities such as shower curtains by DZEE Textiles. These have been designed to make the lives of the housekeepers easier, make your hotel’s operation faster, and most importantly, provide your guests with a bathing experience that is hygienic, comforting, and clean. DZEE Textiles also provides you with the trending hotel amenities of 2024 you must know.


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