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When traveling, one of the top things that most travelers are worried about is their comfort while sleeping. This is because no matter how comfortable a hotel bed and its pillow is, guests usually miss their own pillows. Considering, the many guest types a hotel receives, choosing the best luxury pillows is essential. You would find multiple five-star hotel pillows when walking into a hotel room because you never know which guest likes which pillow. Out of all the assorted pillows, guests can choose the ones they think are the best hotel pillows for themselves; and sleep without an issue. Just like all types of sleepers, side sleepers also need a specific pillow type. As one of the leading hotel pillow manufacturers and distributors, we can guide you to choose the best hotel pillows for side sleepers.

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Best Hotel Pillows Features for Side Sleepers

To choose the best luxury pillows for side sleepers you need to understand what they require. What you need to focus on is the fact that they are putting their entire pressure; on one side of the next. Hence, your five-star hotel pillows need to provide them enough support; to keep their heads aligned the entire night without dipping too much. At the same time, the firmness of the pillows cannot be too hard as their necks will get stiff. Choosing a hotel pillow is tricky here as you need a medium to firm hotel pillow for the right support and balance of the neck.

A medium to high loft pillow is essential as it provides the preferable thickness without the pillow sinking while the guests are sleeping.

Best Luxury Pillow for Side Sleepers

We offer a range of standard to five-star hotel pillows which have been developed to provide the complete sleep support and comfort for your guests. You can easily find a pillow for your side sleeper guest within your budget.

·                     Economy Pillow

This is our most affordable pillow but comfortable at the same time. The shell of the pillow is manufactured using a 50% each polycotton material with a premium virgin siliconized hollow fiber fill. It is a high-performance pillow with a long-lasting durability. This is a resilient pillow which means, your side sleepers can sleep comfortably through the night, without complaining of a neck pain the next day.

·                     Cluster Fiber Pillow

This pillow has been manufactured using 100% combed cotton material for the shell with virgin polyester cluster fiber. This is a very soft, resilient, and cost-effective pillow for your side sleepers. As only the softest of material is used in this pillow, it is effectively packed into the shell; so that the sleeper doesn’t feel disturbed during the night. A side sleeper gets effective support for their neck and wake up without any neck issues.

·                     Micro Gel Fiber Pillow

This is one of the best luxury pillows in our collection. The outer shell has been manufactured using 100% combed cotton material with a rich polyester gel fiber which has a high loft recover. You geta soft down-like feel from these pillows. This is one of the best hotel pillows for side sleepers with its high resiliency and loft features. It is also one of the best hotel pillows to provide support to not only side sleepers but also back and stomach sleepers. In comparison to the other two affordable pillows, these are the best luxury pillows.

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Which Pillows Should Side Sleepers Avoid?

All five-star hotel pillows are chosen after considerable research because providing the wrong pillows would not create a comfortable stay experience for them. To ensure you get the best hotel pillows for your guests, you need to avoid purchasing soft pillows for them. As they do not provide the right support for the neck and dip down with the pressure of the guest’s head. Even if you choose the best luxury pillows for your guests, they will not have a good night’s sleep as it is not the right pillow for them.


For side sleepers, the best hotel pillows are the ones that don’t dip easily and are not too firm. They need a pillow that ensures, their neck doesn’t feel too pressured. You cannot just choose any of the best luxury pillows, that’s why, having an assortment of pillows is essential. Our range of five-star hotel pillows have a range of different choices for side sleepers. Hoteliers can choose any of our pillows for their hotel properties and be sure that their guests will be able to sleep without having any issues. They would also wake up without any complaints.

We not only cater to side sleepers but you can also find comfortable hotel pillows; within your budget for back, stomach, and combination sleepers.



Best hotel pillows for side sleepers are a little tricky for hoteliers to select. But the best hotel pillows contain a selection of the best luxury pillows that are medium firm to provide the complete support to sleepers. Does your hotel cater to the range of five-star hotel pillows for different sleeper types? Let us know in the comments below.

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