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The summer season is upon us, bringing a surge in holidaymakers to the hospitality industry. This presents a prime opportunity for hotels and restaurants to boost their profits. According to Statista, the monthly occupancy rate for hotels in the summer of 2023 increased to 70% and remained above 65% until September. So, how can your establishment capitalize on this? In this blog, DZEE Textiles will explore the top hotel supplies to enhance your guests’ experience and significantly improve your business performance this summer. 

Hotel Supplies for this Summer Season

The term hotel supplies covers several categories of products. These categories include hotel bedding, hotel towels, guestroom essentials, cleaning supplies, and hotel amenities.

The products offered by DZEE Textiles as a part of its Summer Collection are listed below:

1- Cabana Pool Towel

2- Luxury Bathrobes

3: Waterproof Mattress Encasements

4: Icon Premio Finish

5- Opal Preferred Towels

Cabana Pool Towels

The Cabana pool towels are the finest among the various pool towels in the hospitality industry. They stand out in their category due to their larger size (33 x 70), but they also possess other qualities. Cabana Pool Towels are revered in the hospitality industry due to the comfort they deliver owing to the 100% cotton yarn.  The ring-spun technology used in their manufacturing also makes them highly absorbent. Double-needle stitched, providing additional durability. They are also vat-dyed, making them fade-resistant and perfect for prolonged hotel use. These towels can be of great value for guests who spend most of their time in pools and on beaches. 

Cabana Pool Towels

A Cabana Pool Towel for each guest would not just ensure comfort and dryness, but due to their larger size, they would also ensure that guests have a comfortable sheet-like spread that can be laid out to rest on. Now, as a hotelier, the decision rests with you. You can either choose low-quality pool towels and bear the cost of replacing them or select Cabana Pool Towels to ensure longevity, consistent quality, and comfort for your guests.  

Luxury Bathrobes

Luxury bathrobes are a symbol of high-end lifestyle and comfort. It is essential to mention that not all bathrobes are luxury bathrobes. These bathrobes stand out in the hospitality industry due to their 100% white cotton fabric. Firstly, white delivers a sense of serenity, cleanliness, and calmness. Secondly, the softness and lightweight of the luxury bathrobes perfectly match your guests’ needs. The softness of the luxury bathrobes comes from the zero-twist yarn. This makes the luxury bathrobes exceptionally soft and perfect for delivering the luxury experience. 

luxury bathrobes

Luxury Bathrobes by DZEE Textiles are also lint- and piling-resistant, making them ideal for repeated use in the hospitality industry. So, if you aim to pamper your guests with luxury this season, don’t miss out on luxury bathrobes on your hotel supplies list. 

Waterproof Encasements

You might be wondering why we have included mattress encasements in this blog. But the truth is that this list can only be complete with them. During the summer, guests tend to consume more beverages and soft drinks. They also tend to use the pools a lot, and there is always a chance of a guest returning to the room without drying properly and sitting on the bed. You cannot enforce hotel regulations requiring guests to dry themselves and not drink in bed. That would come off as harsh and controlling, which is not a good model for business in this sector. So, how do you protect your valuable mattresses without disturbing your honored guests? The answer is waterproof encasements. 

waterproof encasement

DZEE Textiles’ waterproof mattress protectors are made of durable, waterproof fabric. The fabric is also stretchable to reduce the chances of tears. These waterproof mattress protectors also protect against bugs owing to the heavy-duty zippers that ensure complete closure. The stretchability of the mattress encasements allows them to accommodate mattresses as high as 15 inches. 

The waterproof encasements protect your thousands-of-dollar investments in mattresses and ensure your guests are comfortable throughout their stay. 

Icon Premio Finish

A summer collection of hotel supplies is incomplete without hotel sheets. Icon Premio Finish is the epitome of quality and comfort. With a 300-thread count, these hotel bed sheets are perfect for hotels seeking exceptional comfort. The higher thread count also makes these sheets durable. 

Icon Premio Finish Sheets

Icon Premio Finish is one of the finest products in our range of hotel sheets. It boasts anti-wrinkle, crease-resistant, and anti-piling capabilities owing to its 70-30 polycotton blend. These sheets are also called Icon High-Performance Sheeting due to the exceptional results they have given hoteliers who have used them.  

Opal Preferred Towels 

Why are hotel towels important in summer? The answer is humidity, sweat, and an increase in shower frequency. Opal Preferred Towels have a 70–30 polycotton composition. The additional polyester content makes these towels quick-drying, making them a perfect solution for humid summers. 

Opal Preffered Towel

Guests prefer these towels as they dry quickly and can be reused. The diamond dobby design also makes them an attractive option for hotels. But these towels are not just designed to facilitate your guests; they are also made to facilitate your hotel. The polycotton blend of these towels makes them exceptionally durable and perfect for institutional laundering. This enables you to procure high-quality wholesale hotel towels and reduce energy and replacement costs.


To conclude, hoteliers must manage hotel supplies for the summer. This selection of hotel supplies has been made to cover all your needs and save you time. If you want wholesale hotel supplies, visit the DZEE Textiles website and check out our range of products and their e-catalog. 




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