Find out how to do away with pungent towels?

Towels are important elements of home and hotel vanity. There is nothing more frustrating than taking a refreshing bath and catching a whiff of a stinky towel. Everyone has, at some point in time wondered: Why does my towel smell? The answer is uncomplicated and simpler than you expect it to be. But before that, if you wish to buy soft, luxurious, and rich hotel towels, and all essential linens, D-ZEE is the perfect place for it! If you do not know where to get the softest and most durable bath towels, contact us right away. Let us now get back to the question at hand and try to solve it.

Why does my towel smell?

Your answer to why does my towel smell? is, it is common for towels to develop a sour and smelly odor when they are kept wet and put away like that. Another popular reason could be when your towel loses its softness and absorbency.

Ironically, this happens due to detergent and fabric softener deposits. So, the component that keeps your towel from smelling is the one that is making it smelly, in the first place.

Let us go through some of the things that cause your towels to smell:

  • Leaving your towel in the washing machine for a long time: This is the most common mistake that people make. After washing, people often forget their laundry in the washing machine. They either forget or procrastinate. Leaving your towel to sour in the washing machine for long hours will cause odor-causing bacteria to grow and replicate on it.
  • Washing machines offer a warm and humid environment. Such environments provide optimum temperature and moisture for bacteria to replicate. Along with bacteria, mold, and mildew also start replicating on your towel. They impart the foul smell and are responsible for the stinky smell on your towel.
  • Leaving your towel damp after bath: This mistake is even more common than the washing machine mistake. We are lazy and often leave our towels damp after bathing. We do not bother to dry it. Not giving your towel time to dry can make your towel an ideal ground for bacterial breeding.
  • Residue/deposit of fabric detergents or softeners: Fabric detergents and softeners can hamper the absorbency of the towel and makes it lose its softness. Using too much detergent will make it difficult and impossible for you to rinse the detergent out completely. This will result in detergent residue build-up on your towel and it will start attracting dirt and bacteria.


How to keep towels from smelling?

  • Give your towel a deep cleaning: Subject your towel to deep cleaning to get rid of the bacteria build-up and detergent deposits. A clean washing machine can help achieve deep cleaning. It is important to clean your washing machine before cleaning your towel.
  • A dirty washing will just add to your towel’s dirt and odor. If you have a laundry machine, make use of it and make sure that it is clean. Deep cleaning is necessary to get rid of mold, bacteria, mildew from your towel along with excess detergent and fabric softener.
  • Soak your hot in warm water: Hot water is a great way to ensure the removal of bacteria and excess detergent present on the towel. You can use one cup of vinegar to wash your towel in a single cycle. Once the first cycle is complete, you can add a half cup of baking soda to the towel and hot water.
  • Let your towel soak in baking soda for about 15 minutes and then begin the second wash cycle. You can use bleach instead of baking soda. Ordinary towels can lose their softness after being subjected to bleach but Soft towels from D-ZEE are manufactured in such a way that they retain softness even after bleaching. Our soft white towels are bestsellers.
  • Dry your towel: After rinsing bleach off it, make sure to dry your towel to avoid smell.

What to do if towels smell after washing?

  • If your towels continue to smell even after washing, it means that they still haven’t been deep cleaned. So, the bacteria and detergent are still present on it. It can also mean that your machine is not clear. You can make use of the following tips to get the smell out of your towel after washing:
  • Soak it for a while: Sometimes the detergent fails to come off. To get rid of the detergent, you can soak your towel, preferably in warm water.
  • Clean the washing machine: An unclean laundry machine or washing machine can be a contributing factor for smelly towels. After cleaning your machine thoroughly, you can wash your towels in it again.
  • You can use a fabric comforter to make your towels smell good. Avoid using it too much as it can get deposited on your towel and make it smell bad.

If you do not know where to buy the best quality hotel towels, kitchen towels, D-ZEE textiles is the most reliable dealer. Make sure you buy our commodities. Our towels are soft, thick, highly absorbent, and last long.


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