How are you able to Set up a bed encasement in a lodge

The hotel industry is known for its labor-intensive nature, often grappling with labor shortages and cost fluctuations. Hotels frequently hire employees on a contractual basis to cope with high-traffic seasons. However, a solution that allows hotels to maintain efficient operations, even with a limited staff, is needed. 

In this blog, DZEE Textiles presents a mattress encasement example and provides a step-by-step guide for installing one quickly and easily by a single member of the housekeeping staff. 

Why are Mattress Encasements necessary?

Before moving ahead, it is necessary to establish the importance of hotel mattress encasements. Hotels spend thousands of dollars on their mattresses, intending to make them a long-term investment. However, dust, mites, allergens, and bed bugs can easily hamper these plans. This is where the mattress encasements come into play.

A hotel mattress encasement by DZEE Textiles provides the following benefits:

  • Protection from bed bugs due to zipper enclosures
  • Dust and allergen protection due to complete coverage
  • Protection against spills and stains due to high-quality polyester fabric

Installing a Mattress Encasement: The problem 

Some might wonder why you must learn how to install a mattress protector or encasement. After all, it is a part of everyday hotel bedding maintenance procedures. However, installing a mattress encasement requires the housekeeping staff to put in effort, which is unnecessary. You’ll agree when you read the steps given below. But for now, just know that, 

There is an easier way of doing it!

So what’s the easy way? Well, continue reading and find out!

5 Easy Steps to Install a Mattress Encasement

To install a mattress encasement single-handedly and easily, follow these 5 simple steps given below: 

5 Easy Steps to Install a Mattress Encasement

Step 1:

Remove the mattress from the bed and place it in a vertical position. In this position, the mattress would ‘stand’ straight. You can lean smaller mattresses against the bed to provide support. A bigger mattress would have the surface area to stand on its own; if not, do what is recommended for smaller ones.  

Step 2:

Now unzip the mattress encasement and place it on top of the mattress. As depicted in the picture, you simply place it on top of the mattress during this step. Make sure that you have put it correctly on the top and that it covers all the sides. 

Step 3:

Now, roll the mattress encasement down to the bottom. By this step, your mattress should be standing and covered entirely by the encasement. If it feels a bit loose, don’t worry; it will not once you zip it up. 

Step 4: 

Now, as depicted, a slight push would help you get your covered mattress back on the bed. Ensure it has appropriately settled on the bed and fits as it should. 

Step 5: 

If you have followed the previous steps correctly, this one would be the simplest. In this step, zip up the encasement to ensure your mattress is completely covered and protected. 

Mattress Encasements

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To conclude, these steps can easily be followed to ensure that your hotel requires only a few staff members. DZEE Textiles is committed to serving you to the best of our abilities. By providing these guides, we ensure you are always ready to cater to your guests’ needs. We also have a curated selection of hotel supplies of the highest quality to ensure that all your hospitality needs are met adequately. 


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