How can Field Spring Wraps be a Higher Mattress Skirt Selection?

The hospitality industry relies immensely on the quality of its bedding. This is one of the main driving forces behind the consistent upgrades in hotel bedding essentials. A typical hotel bedding set usually includes hotel sheets, pillows, duvets, blankets, decorative bedding, bed skirts, and box spring wraps. In this blog, DZEE Textiles will discuss how box spring wraps are a better bed skirt alternative.

bed Skirt Alternative Box Spring Wraps

The Problem With Bed Skirts

Bed skirts are considered a core element of a hotel bedding set. They are designed to add color and decor to a room. Bed skirts allow a hotel to add life to its rooms, often due to their vibrant colors. But there are also a few problems that come with bed skirts. 

Tendency to Shift

Bed skirts tend to shift with time, meaning they shift under the sleeper’s weight. No matter how good the quality of your hotel bed skirts is, it is their nature to shift under the weight. This leads to the bedding getting unpleasant and unappealing in the morning. 

Hectic Cleaning Process

Another persistent problem with bed skirts is cleaning them. Hotel Bed skirts are normally made of thicker fabric, such as 100% colorfast polyester. Not to forget that they are also attached to the bed frame. So even a small spill stain or the slightest amount of damage can make life difficult for your hotel’s housekeeping staff. Bed skirts also collect dust, dirt, fur, and hair, which may lead to an unpleasant look for the guests. 

These issues with bed skirts can negatively affect your hotel’s image and reputation. To put it simply, a dirty or misplaced bed skirt can make your hotel bedding look dirty. If not promptly cleaned and maintained, it can lead to a negative impact on your overall service and reputation. 

Box Spring Wraps as Bed Skirt Alternative

If bed skirts have efficiently served the hospitality industry for so long, then why box spring wraps? There are a few reasons why box spring wraps are a better choice than bed skirts for your hotel bedding. Even though box spring wraps were designed to wrap the box spring of your bedding, they have proven to be effective bed skirt alternatives. 

Some of the advantages offered by box spring wraps include easy cleaning and maintenance, and easy installation. 

Easy Installation

One of the main benefits of box springs compared to bed skirts is ease of installation. Unlike bed skirts that are attached to the bed frame, box spring wraps can be simply wrapped around the box spring. Box spring wraps from DZEE Textiles come with a stretchable hem, which makes them extremely easy to install.  

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

As mentioned, one of the main problems with a bed skirt is cleaning and maintenance. Box spring wraps also provide a way out of this problem. Since a box spring wrap can be simply installed and is not attached to the bed frame, it can be removed. Due to this, it becomes very easy for the housekeeping staff to clean and maintain them. This not only saves time but also reflects positively on your hotel.

These advantages of box spring wraps make them a better alternative to bed skirts. If you are looking for a bed skirt alternative, then switch to box spring wraps. You can always visit our website and simply order a batch for your hotel. Box Spring Wrap

Cost Comparison 

A cost comparison might convince you to abandon bed skirts and switch to box spring wraps. Did you know that a box spring wrap is slightly more expensive than a bed skirt? While a basic bed skirt may cost you around US$ 14, a box spring cover may cost you around US$ 16. Now it may seem as if a box spring cover costs more. But what about the immense efforts put into maintaining bed skirts? A box spring cover can also be your long-term cost-saving plan, which can provide you with the capital to invest in improving other aspects of your hotel. 

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To conclude, box spring wraps are the modern-day alternative to bed skirts. They are an essential part of hotel bedding and offer multiple advantages. Choose box spring wraps from DZEE Textiles; they come with stretchable hems, making them perfect for hospitality usage. Box spring wraps provide a sleek and tailored look to the bed, concealing the box spring and offering a neat and polished appearance. Additionally, they are easy to maintain and can withstand frequent washing, ensuring they remain in top condition for an extended period of time. Thus, a box spring wrap can prove to be a bed skirt alternative. 


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