How is Mikado By way of DZEEUSA A Very best Lodge Provides Assortment?

How good would it be for a hotelier to have a selection of hotel supplies already picked out for them? It would make the whole shopping experience so simple. This is exactly what DZEE Textiles has done for hoteliers in the United States. Our Mikado collection is a special selection of hospitality supplies, including hotel towels and amenities. Mikado towels are perfect for moderate-to-high-end hospitality establishments, and the hotel amenities in this collection add great value to your hotel’s offering. In this blog, DZEE Textiles will provide you with a complete outlook on our Mikado Collection and how it is the perfect collection for your hotel. 

Mikado Hotel Supplies Collection

Hotel Towels in the Mikado Collection 

The quality of guest experience delivered by hotels define their success in the industry. Hotel towels, a crucial part of this experience, can elevate it to a new level. Mikado Towels, renowned for their softness and luxury, are the ideal choice for hotels aiming to offer their guests a lavish bathing experience. 

The soft bath towels in the Mikado collection feature a signature twill border design. This design allows them to stand out among hotel towels that are often bland and offer no attraction for consumers. More importantly, these soft bath towels are manufactured using 100% long-staple cotton, which makes them plush, absorbent, and luxurious. These towels also feature double-needle stitching with a minimum of 7 stitches per inch which makes them exceptionally durable and perfect for withstanding institutional laundering.

This collection of soft towels includes bath towels, hand towels, and salon towels, making it a comprehensive set of wholesale towels. 

Soft Bath Towels

The table presents the details on the size and weight of the Mikado bath towels.

Size Weight Packaging 
24 X 50 10.50 lbs 5 dozen/case 
27 X 50 12 lbs 3 dozen/case
27 X 54 15 lbs 3 dozen/case
30 X 56 18 lbs 3 dozen/case

The details on size and weight given in the table above highlight the range of soft bath towels offered by DZEE Textiles to cater to hotels’ diverse and stressful needs. 

Mikado Washcloths 

Mikado washcloths are perfect for hotels that wish to provide their guests with the most luxurious bathing experience. The soft and plush fabric of these salon towels enables hotels to deliver the most comfortable and pampering bathing experience. The table below gives details on the size, weight, and packaging of these Mikado hotel washcloths. 

Size Weight Packaging 
12 X 12 1 lb 25 dozen/case 
13 X 13 1.50 lbs 25 dozen/case

The table above also shows the attention DZEE Textile pays to match the diverse needs of the United States hospitality industry. 

Mikado Hand Towels 

Hand towels are perfect for drying the face and hands. Mikado hand towels are perfect for hotels that wish to provide added value to the guests by providing them with high-quality towels to dry their faces and hands. The table below provides the details on the size and weight of Mikado hand towels:

Size Weight Packaging 
16 X 27 3 lb 10 dozen/case 
16 X 30 4.50 lbs 10 dozen/case

The table shows that DZEE Textiles has paid attention to even the most minute needs of hotels.

Mikado Bath Towels

Bathroom Amenities in the Mikado Collection 

As mentioned earlier, the Mikado collection by DZEE Textiles features a complete range of bathroom amenities. This collection includes soaps, shampoos, body lotions, shower gels, and hair conditioners. The extensive collection was specially designed to match the need for wholesale hotel supplies. Thus, it also includes packaged amenities that are ready to use, along with bulk amenities that can be stored to replenish the finished ones. 

The Mikado collection features three distinct lines of bathroom amenities designed to meet the demanding needs of the hospitality industry. These include the Mikado Spa Collection, Mikado Mist, and Mikado Renaissance Collections. 

Mikado Spa 

The Mikado Spa Collection is a set of luxury hotel supplies that include soaps, shower gel, hair conditioner, body lotion, and conditioning shampoo. This line of products is perfect for hotels that seek to provide a luxurious experience to their guests in a cost-effective manner. The details of the products included in this line are given in the table below:

Product Type Quantity/Weight Packaging 
Deodorant Soap (circular) 20gm 300/case
Deodorant Soap (circular) 30gm 300/case
Shower Gel 30ml  300/case
Hair Conditioner  30ml 300/case
Body Lotion 30ml 300/case
Conditioning Shampoo 30ml 300/case

Mikado Mist

A step ahead of the Mikado Spa collection. This line of products has been specially designed for hotels that seek cost-effective but luxurious amenities that will last longer. The Mikado Mist collection includes deodorant soap, shower gel, body lotion, nourishing conditioner, and conditioner shampoo. More details are given in the table below: 

Product Type Quantity/Weight Packaging 
Deodorant Soap (circular) 20gm 250/case 
Deodorant Soap (circular) 30gm 250/case
Shower Gel 40ml  250/case
Hydrating Body Lotion  40ml 250/case
Nourishing Conditioner 40ml 250/case
Conditioner Shampoo 40ml 250/case

Mikado Renaissance 

The Mikado Renaissance collection is a perfect example of luxury bath accessories. This line of products features high-quality products for hotels that seek to provide only the most luxurious bathing experience to their visitors. Details about the products included in this line of bath accessories are given in the table below:

Product Type Quantity/Weight Packaging 
Deodorant Soap (box) 28gm 288/case 
Deodorant Soap (box) 40gm 288/case
Shower Gel (Tube) 30ml 288/case
Shower Gel (Bottle) 30ml 288/case
Body Lotion (Tube) 30ml 288/case
Hydrating Body Lotion (Bottle) 30ml 288/case
Nourishing Conditioner 30ml 288/case
Conditioner Shampoo 30ml 288/case

The Renaissance line is a high-end line of bathroom amenities, specially designed to offer your guests the most luxurious experience. 

Mikado Bath Amenities

The Mikado Spa, Mikado Mist, and Mikado Renaissance collections are perfect for your guest room bathrooms. DZEE Textiles also offers products for your hotel lobby washrooms and bathrooms for 4 or 5 people.

Mikado Exquisite Collection

Designed to meet the demand for a larger quantity of liquid soaps and shampoos, this collection offers 360ml refillable dispenser bottles. These refillable bottles are available in a case of 20.Mikado Hotel Amenities

You can also bolster your hotel supplies by purchasing Mikado Hand & Body Wash Bulk Liquid. It comes in a 3.8-litre capacity container. Refilling your dispenser bottles with liquid soap will extend the life of your dispenser bottles. 

Janitorial Supplies in the Mikado Collection

The Mikado collection also features a curated selection of janitorial supplies, including detergent and liquid dishwashing soap. If you have been looking for the right selection of janitorial supplies, then the Mikado Collection is perfect for you. The janitorial supplies in the Mikado Collection allow you to feel confident about the cleanliness of your hotel.

The janitorial supplies include Auto Dish Detergent, High-Efficiency Laundry Detergent, and Dish Washing Liquid. 


To conclude, the Mikado Collection by DZEE Textiles is a perfectly curated selection of hotel supplies. It includes towels, amenities, and janitorial supplies. The hotel towels in this collection are a perfect example of 100% long-staple cotton. It is perfect for hotels offering luxury services. The bathroom amenities featured in this collection cater to your needs by offering only the best experience for your guests. This collection also includes hotel janitorial supplies. This makes it a complete package of essential hotel supplies that is perfect for luxury hotels. 


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