How Steadily Must You Exchange Your Towel

Towels can get stinky fast due to regular use, especially damp towels that haven’t been dried out properly. Now that everyone is paying more attention to cleanliness, you may have wondered how often should you change your towel. To prevent germs from growing on your hotel towels—The Cleaning Institute advises changing towels after a minimum of three uses.

A bathroom is the most used room, which is why its essence can immediately become overused. Did you know, the average used towels contain 10 million bacteria or more? Likewise, toilet seats and floors are some of the most contaminated parts of the bathroom, making your damp bath mat home to germs and other nastiness.

To save your time, we did our analysis on bathroom hygiene to find out exactly how often you should be scouring, replacing, or straight-up throwing all the stuff from bathrooms. Here’s what we found.

Pros & Cons of Frequently Changing Towels

We all demand the comfort of bathing in a luxurious shower, especially with fresh towels. Fortunately, frequent replacement of towels not only makes them free from germs and nasty bacteria that crawl and occupy the damp side but also contributes to your health and safety. Despite this, it gives a feeling of a comfortable bathing experience.

Changing towels frequently may satisfy you but it can turn out to be costly and time-consuming for the property. Washing, drying and replacing the linens all require a service cost. Not to forget, the harm it gives to the environment through detergent, water, power, and so on.

Factors That Warrant Immediate Towel Replacement

Terry towels usually make it to the priority list when it comes to linen stocking. Old towels are no longer effective and may leave a bad impression on the user. The point is, how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye.

  • Any towel that has body fluid on it should be replaced after only one use.
  • If you suffer from eczema or sensitive skin, wash all of the towels after one use to prevent further irritation.
  • Damp towels in your bathroom that often don’t dry fully should be washed after one use.
  • Gym towels that sop up sweat or towels that stay damp in your gym bag for hours should be washed immediately.

The Towel Changing System in Hospitality Industry

When a guest enters a hotel room, surely, they will get a set of fresh towels in the bathroom. Following the next day, a housekeeper will change yesterday’s towel with a new one. This is the traditional system applied in most hotels around the world, including the US—change towels once a day.

Research shows, many housekeepers tend to use supplies long after they’ve turned into a scattered cloth. Some even forget to launder the bath and pool towels for weeks. Thus, guests start reusing bath towels without even knowing.

The professor of Health Environment Studies at the University of Arizona, Kelly A. Reynold validates that a reusing bath towel that is only washed once a week is safe to use as long as it’s kept in a clean and dry place.

Considering environmental sustainability, the hospitality industry should also contribute to making the world a better place by applying a system of change towels once in three days for guests that stay longer than one night.

Despite this, hoteliers should provide a little space where guests can spread their towel out in the sun to dry after being used to be free from the bacteria that could grow well in a wet towel.

What Detergents Do Hotel Use?

Housekeeping professionals advise using laundry detergent that fights stains in the first wash. Heavy-duty detergents and powdered formula which contains phosphates are known to fight the toughest stains on hotel towels effortlessly. We asked laundry experts to share some of the best laundry detergent brands they would recommend every hotelier to invest in. Here’s what we found:

  • Burst Powder Detergent
  • Recoop It Linen Stain Remover
  • Mikado Ultra-High Efficiency Laundry Detergent

The Bottom Line

To conclude, hospitality and cleanliness go hand in hand. Every hotel aims to make its guests feel satisfied during their entire stay. And if you wonder again, do hotels need to change towels between every guest or after three uses? Hotel policies direct their practice, and it is up to hoteliers to assert on that note.

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