How To Prevent Towels From Dropping

Who does not enjoy fresh and soft towels in the bathroom? those fuzzy towels can be irksome. We all want our towels to stay new forever, but unfortunately, it is impossible. We all want to buy towels that don’t shed, but unfortunately, such towels don’t exist. But then, we often ask ourselves how to stop towels from shedding? Be it hotel towels, bath towels, kitchen towel, wash towels, or any other kind of towel, we will answer this question, so make sure to read till the end.

No matter whether your towel is new or old, shedding a towel is an issue for both. Even new towel shedding is a common thing. But you don’t have to worry as we have some really fail proof tips on how to stop towels from shedding.

Here are some really amazing tricks that will answer the question of how to stop towels from shedding!

Tips for new towel shedding

The major role of high heat is to set the coating. To stop the towel from shedding, you must choose a no-heat or low-heat setting. It will help you in shaking off the lint to a feasible extent. Shake the towels properly and then throw them into the dryer and run the machine. Ensure to keep the feasible tap entirely clean. Once done with the wash cycle, clean it out and shake the towels again. If you still observe the towel linting, do it one more time. Moreover, you can skip the dryer as they will just add an extra coating to the towels.

No other vinegar is as effective as White vinegar. Pour a cup of vinegar and no other detergent, especially fabric softener. Vinegar is enough to make the miracle happen. Make sure you wash the hotel towels distiguishly from the rest of the laundry. Do this every month and see your towel in staying soft.

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If white vinegar is not available, you can go for baking soda as a second option. Use 1/2 cup of baking soda and ensure to dissolve it in warm water. The dissolving part will eliminate the clump and sticking.

Salt has almost the same effect in stopping the towel shed. Make sure you wash the towels separately from the rest of the stuff and neglect using fabric softeners.

Another trick that can be the answer for  how to stop towels from shedding is freezing the towel. If you don’t want to wash or dry towels on a regular basis, you can keep them in the freezer as well before washing and drying them.

  • Towels should be washed separately.

Make sure you wash your towels separately from the rest of the laundry. This will help eliminate wear and tear, which ultimately leads to shedding.

how to get towels to stop shedding

Soaking is an alternative to freezing. You can soak the towels in cold water before washing and drying. It might be less effective as compared to freezing.

Lint rollers help pick up the little fuzzies and pile them up, which can grow over time. A drawback to lint rolling is that it is quite time-consuming, and you must repeat it regularly to be effective.

Reducing the process of dryer usage can help you reduce the shedding, and dryer usage plays a significant role in the shedding of towels. If you can avoid throwing them in the dryer and let them air dry, it can decrease the chances of shedding.

Replacing the overused towels with new ones is always a better option. People usually think that new towels don’t shed easily, but over time, they will not be able to withstand the same level of use as they once did. If you face the “new towels shedding” issue, you can always use the rest of the tricks to avoid shedding.

Hotel Towels

  • Say no to fabric softener

Fabric softener will do nothing but hamper the ability to absorb moisture. So, avoid using fabric softener as much as you can.

Now you have the answer to “how to stop towels from shedding.” Infuse these smart tips into the cleaning process and say goodbye to shedding.


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