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A hotel maintains its standard by offering visitors the best service. It employs various methods to ensure comfort and relaxation. Hotel supplies and linens become vital in this regard. White bath towels are a staple in our hotel linens, providing guests with relaxation and serenity. However, they can become soiled, soggy, and dirty with consistent use and even suffer from tearing and fraying. This raises the critical question: how can we wash and maintain our white bath towels effectively? In this blog, DZEE Textiles will answer this question and make sure you leave with new knowledge regarding washing white bath towels at your hotel.

Simple Steps to Wash White Bath Towels

You can follow these simple steps to wash your white bath towels:

Keep the whites isolated 

In hotels, white bath towels are handled in larger quantities. Imagine a laundry session involving 500 white bath towels. As a hotelier, you must separate these towels from colored linens. 

Not even a single colored linen should be present!

Let’s say a small black-colored washcloth went in with these white bath towels. It is bound to ruin at least a whole bunch and ruin them. This would add to the costs of procuring new bath towels and slow down your towel turnover. By keeping your white towels separated from colored linens, you can ensure that they are thoroughly washed without contracting any colors. 

White Towel

2- Focus on stains

Focussing on stains can also be suitable for effectively cleaning your white bath towels. Hotel collection towels are more likely to have stains on drinks or other liquids. A practical method for managing this can be focusing on stains before the laundry session. While a slower process, it can ensure your bath towels are always ready for your guests. 

You can use our Recoop It linen stain remover for this process. It is highly recommended and effective, especially when managing stains during high-traffic seasons. This will allow you to consistently supply fresh and clean white towels. 

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3- Use baking soda with detergents

Using baking soda is an effective method of maintaining and washing white bath towels. Even though it may sound absurd, this is a proven technique. According to Forbes, baking soda adds a pleasant smell and can be mixed with detergents to enhance the cleaning process of the towels. 

If you have been looking for an effective laundry detergent, check out our Mikado Ultra-High Efficiency Laundry Detergent. Mix it with baking soda in a ½:1 ratio, and your hotel towels will be cleaned effectively. Although it may sound like an effective method for washing towels at home, it can also work for hotel laundry. A simple method would be to measure the amount of detergent used per laundry cycle and add baking soda. 

4- Optimal machine load

Overloading the washing machine is a common mistake that often leads to a loss of thousands of dollars. Excess load strains the machine, reducing its output, and subsequently, your white bath towels become dirty.

So, to ensure that your hotel collection towels, especially the white ones, are always clean, it is important to load the washing machine optimally.  

What to Avoid During Hotel Laundry Sessions? 

If you want your white bath towels to maintain their pristine whiteness, then there are a few things that you need to avoid. These cautions are given below:

1- Not measuring chemicals and bleaches 

The first thing to avoid is using chemicals and bleaches without any measures. While some may argue that using bleach is the fastest way to restore whites, they often forget about the damage to the fabric. Bleach is an effective method to clean white towels, but if not measured, it can very well ruin the fabric of the towels, thus reducing their absorbency, comfort, and quality. 

2- Overdrying towels

A common problem faced by hoteliers is towels shedding fabric due to over-drying. It is important to highlight this problem, as it is a subtle process that often goes unnoticed until your guests complain about overdried, rough, and abrasive towels. To avoid this problem, simply set the temperature of your dryers between low and medium. This will allow you to maintain the plushness and comfort of your white towels. 

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White Bath Towels to look for

If you have been seeking high-quality white bath towels, DZEE Textiles offers you many options. Our curated range of towels is designed to handle all your needs. From economical to ultra-luxurious and plush bath towels, our range of hotel towels is bound to impress you. A particular recommendation is the Ryotei bath towels, which are plush and absorbent and feature distinctive piano key borders that impress your guests. 



To conclude, washing white towels is a routine activity at hotels. If not done correctly, it can greatly increase your hotel’s expenses, but the above steps can help you avoid such costs. If you have been looking for high-quality white towels, you should check out our collection of white towels. Place your trust in us and witness unseen growth and expansion in your business. 


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