Lodge Room Past Conventional Hospitality Type

Hospitality is a progressive industry, continually changing to meet guest expectations. Hoteliers are always on the lookout for new products that can meet or even regulate guests’ demands.

In the travel and leisure market, the changes in the millennials and Gen Z customers’ desires and preferences are significant. Hotels worldwide are required to extend their services beyond the traditional ‘bricks and sticks’ concept.

Capitalize on new frames and expanded market share, it’s essential to seize the moment and creatively adjust to the changing concept of hospitality. While the new hospitality trends may threaten traditional hotel business models, they also allow hoteliers to invest in new products. However, hotel managers must continue to innovate and incorporate new concepts into their brands.

Digital innovations in the hotel industry, including mobile booking, check-in, payment, and in-room service, have become popular, but apart from that, linens have a significant shelf life. Maintaining perfection in the quality and style of linens is critical to securing the brand image.

If you’re planning to revamp your hotel rooms to make them look better online and in person, try considering these affordable trends that will go a long way and won’t break the bank, either.

Spruce it Up with Decoratives

Add a touch of color, style, and sophistication to your hotel rooms with Bed Scarves. These scarves can be placed as an accent piece at the bottom of the bed to promote elegance and cleanliness. You can also give your bed a polished finishing touch by investing in chic Bed Skirts. They rest between the mattress and box spring and creates an instantly unified look with little effort.

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Light it Up with Luxury Amenities

Luxury Bath Amenities may be small in size, but they play a significant role in increasing customer satisfaction. From shampoos to mists, investing in a range of quality amenities can instantly make a big difference. At D-ZEE Textiles, you will find a collection of the most up-to-date and luxury hotel room amenities to enhance your guests’ experience and increase your hotel’s overall sales.

Hotel Luxury Amenities

Things to remember: The hotel amenities are not just limited to body lotion, shampoo, and mists. According to the recent Hotels.com Amenities Survey carried out globally, travelers ranked these as the four most important in-room amenities a hotel could offer. Air conditioning and tea/coffee followed after, while a complimentary breakfast and restaurant ranked as the two most significant hotel amenities. 

Many hoteliers invest in 100% Arabica blended coffee due to its mild yet full-bodied taste, with metalized foil packing for a professional presentation. Get yours here.

Ditch the White Towels for the Poolside

Depending on your guests’ needs, pool towels in hotels are used to dry off and work as a warm blanket when temperatures drop and even double-duty as a seat and pillow. Invest in durable and colored pool towels, engineered for performance and specially designed to cater to hotels’ needs near beaches and resorts with exotic pools.

D-ZEE has a collection of colorful pool towels with several options to choose from to suit your hotel’s needs. Check it out here.

Pool Towels

Wash it Up with Powerful Cleaners

Clean rooms not only lead to happy guests but also provide continuous turnovers. Equip your team with professional hotel cleaning supplies from the industry’s best brands and keep your rooms guest-ready. If you’re looking for a popular choice for commercial laundry supplies, head to D-ZEE. With the power to fight a wide variety of tough stains on various fabrics, our line of laundry cleaners and linen stain removers are everything you need to set your property apart.

Powerful Cleaners


Whether your rooms need small tweaks or entirely new adjustments, one thing is for sure—your business will only benefit from a revamp. So, get in touch with us today, team D-ZEE would love to hear from you. Please give us a call at 800-505-0038 or fill up the contact form here.

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