Methods to Stay Your Lodge Bathe Curtain Blank and Mildew-Unfastened?

A guest’s experience can never be satisfactory without a relaxing showering experience. A hotel bathroom plays a central role in defining a hotel’s level of comfort and satisfaction. Hotels invest heavily in their bathroom supplies to provide the best experience for their guests. Bathroom essentials that are part of hotel supplies include a variety of items. For a hotel, bathroom supplies normally include hotel shower curtain, rubber bath mats, bath tissue, face tissue, and paper towels. Hotels tend to maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene to maintain the quality of their bathroom supplies. 


The cleanliness and hygiene of a hotel shower curtain cannot be overlooked as crucial parts of a guest’s experience. A study published in the International Journal of Tourism Cities highlights how poor sanitation and cleanliness in hotels can negatively impact guests’ perceptions. This is particularly true for shower curtains, which can pose cleaning challenges for hoteliers. In this blog, DZEE Textiles will help you explore how hotels can maintain their shower curtain liners and other amenities to ensure that they remain clean and hygienic.

Shower Curtains

What Challenges Are Associated with Hotel Shower Curtain?

There are a few challenges that are associated with hotel shower curtains. Challenges such as cleanliness, replacement, and slip hazards are common with shower curtains.


One of the biggest challenges faced by hoteliers in maintaining their hotel shower curtains is cleanliness. The reason behind this problem is that shower curtain liners are exposed to humidity and moisture. This can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and the formation of mold and mildew on the shower curtains. 

Difficult to Replace

Hotel shower curtains are difficult to replace. They are fixed on rods, and to replace them, the staff needs to remove the rod entirely. This also makes them difficult to maintain. Elongated usage of the same hotel shower curtain can lead to the liners looking old and worn out. 

Slip Hazard

Another challenge associated with shower curtain liners in hotels is their length. Hoteliers often do not measure the right length and procure liners that are longer. This causes them to drag on the ground, which can cause accidents. 

How can a Hotel Manage Hotel Shower Curtain Challenges?

Hoteliers have searched for various solutions to manage these challenges. They have tried using removable rods, microfiber shower curtains, and many others. However, hotels can simply manage these challenges by following some simple steps recommended by DZEE Textiles.

  1. Using 100% polyester shower curtain liners 
  2. Using the right detergents
  3. Using the right scrubs 
  4. Cutting to length

100% Polyester Shower Curtain Liners

Polyester is a synthetic that is hypoallergenic in nature. 100% polyester hotel shower curtains can prove to be a good alternative to regular shower curtains. Polyester is also a material that repels the accumulation of bacteria. It also repels any water, which makes it perfect for usage in hotels. By using 100% polyester hotel shower curtains from DZEE Textiles, you can ensure that your shower curtains do not contract any bacteria, which might lead to the formation of mold or mildew on your liners.

Another important element that adds to the functionality of the shower curtain liners by DZEE Textiles is the flexible rings. The flexible rings make the installation of shower curtains easier and within 20 seconds. These shower curtains are also available in three variants: beige, white, and tone-on-tone. In addition to the variations in colors, these hotel shower curtains also feature a 12-inch window for added privacy. 

Hotel Bathroom Curtains

Using the Right Detergents

The key to maintaining shower curtain liners is using the right detergents. Hotels often use detergents made of hotel sheets and towels. These detergents are mild and light enough for use on shower curtains. The best detergent for cleaning and washing shower curtains is Mikado Ultra-High Efficiency Laundry Detergent by DZEE Textiles. You can procure these detergents as a part of your laundry supplies, as they can also work for hotel sheets.  

Using the Right Scrubs

If you do not plan on procuring new shower curtain liners, you can use the right scrubs. Individually wrapped sponges are an effective solution for keeping hotel shower curtains clean. These sponges by DZEE Textiles feature a two-side cleaning option with a scour and a sponge. The scour can be effectively used when cleaning shower curtains. 

Cutting to Length

Another simple method of managing shower curtain liners in a hotel is to cut them to size. This would allow you to ensure that your liners do not drag on the floor and collect water. This would help keep bacteria and mold away and also avoid accidents. 

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To conclude, maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of hotel shower curtains is pivotal for guest satisfaction. Hoteliers have to face a number of challenges in assuring the hygiene of their shower curtain liners. But they can manage them effectively by using 100% polyester shower curtain liners, the right detergents, the right scrubs, and cutting them to length. By following these simple steps, hotels can ensure that their shower curtains remain clean, mold-free, and safe for their guests. Investing in high-quality guest room amenities and implementing a regular cleaning schedule can also go a long way in maintaining the overall hygiene and comfort of a hotel’s bathroom.


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