Granitali 100% Silicone Sealant White/Transwhite/Transparent

Product Description

About This Silicone

This is a high-strength, industrial-grade, one-part silicone sealant and adhesive designed for construction, industrial, and food-grade applications 24 pcs per case. Its chemically-formulated VOC-compliant formula offers exceptional adhesion and creates waterproof and airtight bonds to an extensive range of common substrates, such as metal, steel, tile, fiberglass, ceramic, glass, aluminum, painted surfaces, wood, plywood, and marble. This unique formula is specifically designed to provide all-weather performance, meeting today’s Green Building Standards. Additionally,  provides excellent UV stability, ensuring non-yellowing performance. Its non-flammable, non-shrinking, and excellent weatherability features make it a reliable choice for all your sealing and bonding needs. Choose Sil-Bond  for its superior strength, versatility, and durability.