Thin & Strong Plastic Espresso and Cocktail Stirrers

Product Description

About this product

Introducing our Skinny & Sturdy coffee stir sticks and cocktail straws – the perfect addition to your coffee station at home, restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or office kitchen. With a length of 5.5 inches and a thin diameter of 0.125 inches, these stirrers are the perfect size for use in cups up to 12 oz.

Not only are they versatile, but these stirrers are also made from non-toxic plastic and are BPA-free, ensuring that you can safely use them in both hot and cold beverages. With a pack of 2000 stirrers, they’re an ideal addition to mini bars and coffee stations in homes and offices, as well as being a must-have for catering and restaurant supplies.

Our classic-looking stirrers aren’t just perfect for coffee and tea, they can also match any liquor or alcohol cocktail that you choose to make, making them an essential bar accessory for home, office or bar/restaurant use. These swizzle sticks are the perfect bartender tool that will dress up any alcoholic mix or liquor drink.

Whether you’re sipping a hot coffee or stirring a cold cocktail, you can enjoy your beverage without burning your lips or fingers thanks to the sturdy and skinny design of our stirrers. So why wait? Upgrade your coffee station or bar with our versatile and stylish Skinny & Sturdy coffee stir sticks and cocktail straws today!