The Very best Resort Assortment Sheets For Companies in Summers

Summer is synonymous with vacations, and the pleasant weather beckons people to explore new places. This is when families and individuals plan their holidays, leading to a significant increase in hotel bookings. In fact, Forbes magazine reports that 40% of travelers in America are planning to travel more in 2024.  This highlights that hotels need to ensure the availability of hotel supplies to manage the increase in the numbers. In this blog, DZEE Textiles will provide a holistic outlook on all our hotel collection sheets, especially for the summer season.

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What Hotel Collection Sheets Do We Have for Your Business?

DZEE Textiles is a pioneer in hospitality textiles. Our extensive experience in the field has enabled us to understand the dynamic trends of the US hospitality sector. Our attention to hoteliers’ needs has also aided us in curating hotel supplies perfect for summer. We have listed a few items from our wide range of hotel supplies, including hotel towels and hotel sheets.

The Best Percale Sheets for Summers

DZEE Textiles has invested heavily in ensuring the quality of our hotel collection bedding. We offer a range of high-quality hotel sheets that might be perfect for your business. Hotel sheets by DZEE Textiles are given below:

1: Opal Super Blend

Opal Super Blend sheets are a pocket-friendly solution for managing high hotel traffic. They are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and use a percale weave. These characteristics make these hotel sheets perfect for summer due to their crisp feel and temperature regulation. The polyester content of these sheets makes them crease-resistant, reducing the headache of managing your hotel bedding presentation. 

2: Icon T-200

Icon T-200 hotel bed sheets are suitable for providing guests with comfort while resting at your establishment. These hotel sheets are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Due to single-pick weaving, these percale sheets have double-needle stitching to make them more durable. These hotel sheets’ anti-piling and crease-resistant properties make them perfect for hotels with more guests.

3: Opal Microfiber Sheets

Opal Microfiber sheets are a perfect choice for hotels looking to equip for the summer. These sheets are made of 100% premium-quality microfiber, making them fast-drying and crease-resistant. The microfiber of these hotel sheets makes them incredibly soft and perfect for withstand institutional laundering.

Choosing Durability, Quality, and Comfort in Your Hotel Sheets

Hoteliers are always faced with the dilemma of selecting the right hotel sheets for their businesses. This predicament forces them to go through extensive catalogs from suppliers. But a simple method can be followed to decide what to choose to manage hotel sheets for summer. Let’s consider that your guests will receive 100 additional guests this summer. According to a study published in the International Journal of Hospitality Management, only 20% of spending is on luxury travel. That would mean that out of the additional 100 guests, 20 would look for luxury services. Now the question is, how do you manage this divide?

Hotel Collection Sheets

The solution is simple: divide the procurement of your bulk bed sheets similarly. Ensure 80% of the bulk bed sheets you procure are economy hotel sheets and the remaining 20% are luxury sheets. This division would allow you to maintain an inventory of economy and luxury sheets as you manage the surge in numbers. If you are looking for economy hotel sheets, we recommend Opal Super Blend or Icon T-200. But, if you are looking for luxury sheets, the best option would be Opal Microfiber sheets. There are other options in this category, such as the Ryotei T-300 and Icon Premio Finish 300 sheet.

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To conclude, the summer season is a time for business in the hospitality sector. If you look forward to making the most profits, ensure you have the right hotel supplies. A selection of hotel supplies can only be complete with a diverse range of sheets. DZEE Textiles is a supplier that has worked in the industry for 20 years. Through our experience, we have realized that a hotel needs different types of sheets to effectively manage its performance as a hospitality establishment. To better manage your guests as they come to enjoy their summer holidays, it is recommended that you procure economy and luxury hotel sheets with a ratio of 80:20. This would allow you to ensure that you have the right hotel sheets to match your guests’ expectations and needs.



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