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When choosing a hotel towel, it is important to research as to what are the highest rated towels and then make your purchase. When you are promising your guests luxury through your towels you don’t want to put something in the bathroom that doesn’t meet the hotel standards. Many people who are looking for the best hotel towels they usually opt for 100% Egyptian cotton bath towels. But not all leading hospitality towels suppliers offer an Egyptian cotton bath towel set. According to us, your guests don’t need just Egyptian cotton bath towel sets because it sounds luxury. Your hotel collection towels, need to be manufactured using high-quality soft combed/ long staple/ ring spun cotton; as we do for our finest tailored hotel towels. Same goes for hotel collection towels home goods that most people opt for after they use high-quality towels in a hotel.

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Why Not Always Choose 100% Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels?

There are so many types of cotton towel choices, that choosing what are the highest rated towels gets a little confusing.

Considering Egyptian cotton is the most popular as majority people always choose bath towels manufactured using that. Egyptian cotton is the one of the finest materials to choose for luxury towels to be used in high-end hotels because it is highly absorbent.

But you also have Turkish cotton which is a direct competitor to Egyptian cotton. Turkish cotton has a balance between softness and absorbency; which are two features that most hoteliers look for when choosing bath towels for their hotels.

So, when choosing hotel towels or hotel collection towels home goods, proper research is required. Purchasing an Egyptian cotton bath towel set is not wrong but not always necessary. A hotel towel set includes, wash cloth, hand towel, bath towel, and bath mat. By choosing the right cotton material, you can choose the right bath towel set for your hotel.

Which High-Rated Towels to Choose?

As one of the leading hotel textiles manufacturers and distributors; after considerable research, we provide high-quality bath towel sets that compete directly with Egyptian cotton bath towel sets.

What you need for the best towels for your hotel is to choose a hotel supplier that manufactures their products; using the softest and highly absorbent materials. Durability is another concern and the latest weaving technology is the solution to that problem. We do not supply Egyptian cotton bath towel sets or hotel collection towels home goods but our 100% cotton towels are just as; soft, durable, absorbent.

When it comes to what are the highest rated towels, you would find many towels listed there but you have to do your own complete research and then choose; the one you think is the best for your hotel property. Because when it comes to luxury hotel towels, many hoteliers are investing a good sum in them. You want to invest in towels that are worth the sum you pay along with them meeting guest expectations who invest in your hotel for their stay.

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Quality Hotel Towel Features

Instead of choosing the first Egyptian cotton bath towel set; look for the following features to make the best choice for your hotel:

·         Fiber Content

Choosing 100% cotton towels is important, they are soft, absorbent, and durable. For more affordable options, you can always opt for polycotton towels. They are quick-drying and much more durable in comparison to cotton towels.

·         Product Highlights

Some of the product features you have to look into to ensure towel quality are:

Combed Cotton: they remove short fibers for much softer and more durable towels.

Ring Spun Cotton: They tightly twist all fiber sizes together for stronger and smoother towel loops.

Twist: refers to the twist frequency of the towel loops. High twist cotton towels are durable while low (zero twist) cotton towels have increased surface area and are much more plusher and absorbent.

·         Towel Weight

Towel measurement is done in grams per square meter (GSM). The higher GSM weight means, the towels are denser, plusher, and absorbent. You will usually find heavyweight towels (600-900 GSM), medium weight (400-600 GSM), and lightweight (300-400 GSM). The highest rated towels in terms of weight are between 500-700 GSM.


The hospitality towels industry has many material and manufacturing options; the highest-rated towels for you depends on your hotel towel requirements.

Egyptian cotton bath towel sets and hotel collection towels home goods seem like the best choice but that is not always necessary. Next time before you choose 100% Egyptian cotton bath towels for your hotel, be sure that it is something you need and not a choice you make because you think that is the best towel. An Egyptian cotton bath towel set has tough competition in today’s world now.


What are the highest rated towels according to you? Let us know in the comments below.



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