What are the Forms of Bulk Pillows Utilized in Inns?

Why are pillows in hotels always so soft and plush? Why are these pillows always so fresh and clean? Well, the answer is, quite simply, guest satisfaction. Hotels always invest in high-quality hotel bedding and hospitality supplies to ensure their guests are always satisfied with their services.

Usually, hotels use white bulk pillows because of the feeling of freshness and cleanliness that is radiated by white bedding linens. White pillows help hotels deliver an assurance of hygiene and make their visitors feel comfortable during their stay. 

But how does a hotel efficiently manage its pillows? The answer is, to buy bulk pillows. This allows the organization to have an abundant supply of hotel pillows available for their guests. Secondly, by procuring bulk pillows, hotels also receive good value for money, which helps the business improve its cost advantage. 

Wholesale Hotel Pillows

In this blog, DZEE Textiles will share why hotel pillows are always so soft, lofty, and plush. This blog will also reveal the secret behind the use of white pillows in hotels and why buying bulk pillows can be advantageous for hotels. If you are a hotelier who has been looking for an improvement in their pillow game, then this blog is definitely for you. 

Why Are Hotel Pillows So Soft, Lofty, and Plush?

One of the main reasons why hotel pillows are so soft, lofty, and plush is because of the type of filling they use. Hotel pillows typically use either down, feather, or a combination of both as their filling material. 

Down And Feather Pillows

Feather and down are natural materials used in pillows. Down is the soft layer of feathers underneath the outer feathers of ducks and geese, while feather is the outer layer that provides insulation and protection. Down pillows are luxurious and soft, but expensive and require special care. Feather pillows are cheaper and more durable, but they may have drawbacks, like quills poking through. A combination of down and feather pillows offers the best of both worlds, with a core of feathers surrounded by a layer of down for softness and support. This type of pillow is also more affordable and suitable for different types of sleepers.

Down Alternative Pillows

Down alternative pillows are considered a solution to the hygienic needs of visitors staying at a hotel. These pillows have synthetic fibers that mimic the feel of down and feather pillows. The synthetic fibers are often made of polyester, which makes these pillows hypoallergenic and resistant to allergies. Coupled with a high-end pillowcase, it can become a luxurious offering even for hotels running on strict budgets. Down alternative pillows can reduce the chances of the sleeper contracting any allergies from dust or mites. 

Down Alternative Pillows

Micro-Gel Fiber Pillows

Micro-Gel fiber pillows are also considered a remarkable solution for the health and hygiene needs of guests. It is known for its long-lasting resiliency and the micro gel fiber that is used as a filling for these pillows. The Microgel Down alternative fiber in these pillows adapts to the shape of the sleeper’s neck and head, making it perfect for reducing strains on the neck. These Micro-gel down alternative pillows also have good temperature regulation and can provide a cool feeling to sleepers during hotter temperatures. 

Pillow Cases

Another factor that contributes to the softness, loftiness, and plushness of hotel pillows is the thread count of the pillowcase. Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. A higher thread count means a finer and smoother fabric, which can enhance the feel and quality of the pillow. Hotel pillows usually have a thread count of at least 300, which is considered high-quality and luxurious. A higher thread count can also prevent the filling from escaping or the quills from poking through the pillowcase.

Why do Hotels use White Pillows?

Another question that you may have is why hotels use white pillows instead of other colors or patterns. The answer is simple: white pillows create a sense of freshness, cleanliness, and elegance. White pillows can also match any type of bedding or decor, creating a harmonious and inviting look. White pillows can also make the room appear more spacious and bright, which can enhance the mood and comfort of the guests.

However, white pillows also have some challenges, such as being more prone to stains, dirt, and wear and tear. That is why hotels have to follow strict hygiene and laundry protocols to ensure their white pillows are always clean and fresh. Hotels usually wash their pillows at high temperatures and use bleach or other disinfectants to remove any stains or germs. Hotels also replace their pillows regularly, usually every six months to a year, depending on the quality and usage of the pillows.

Why Should Hotels Buy Bulk Pillows?

As a hotelier, you may wonder why you should buy bulk pillows instead of buying individual pillows as needed. There are several benefits of buying bulk pillows, such as:

Saving money

Buying bulk pillows can help you save money, as you can get a better price per unit than buying individual pillows. You can also save on shipping and handling costs, as you can order in bulk and receive your pillows in one delivery. Buying bulk pillows can also help you avoid price fluctuations and inflation, as you can lock in a fixed price for a large quantity of pillows.

Saving time

Buying bulk pillows can also save you time, as you can reduce the frequency and hassle of ordering pillows. You can also have a ready stock of pillows available for your guests, without having to worry about running out of pillows or waiting for deliveries. Buying bulk pillows can also help you streamline your inventory and storage management, as you can have a consistent and organized supply of pillows.

Improving quality

Buying bulk pillows can also help you improve the quality and consistency of your pillows, as you can choose from a wide range of options and select the best pillows for your hotel. You can also ensure that your pillows are of the same brand, type, and size, which can create a uniform and professional look for your hotel. Buying bulk pillows can also help you maintain the quality and freshness of your pillows, as you can rotate and replace your pillows as needed.

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Where to Buy Bulk Pillows?

If you are looking for a reliable and reputable supplier of bulk pillows, look no further than DZEE Textiles. DZEE Textiles is a leading provider of hotel bedding and hospitality supplies, offering high-quality and affordable products for hotels of all sizes and types with a wide range of hotel pillows, including down, feather, down-feather, and synthetic pillows, as well as pillow protectors and pillowcases. We always commit to delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction, as well as fast and free shipping across the US. 

bulk hotel pillows


Hotel pillows are one of the most important and noticeable aspects of hotel bedding, as they can make or break the guest experience. These pillows are soft, lofty, and plush because of the type of filling, the thread count of the pillowcase, and the care and maintenance of the pillows. Hotels also use white pillows because of the freshness, cleanliness, and elegance they create. Hotels should buy bulk pillows, because of the benefits of saving money, saving time, and improving quality. If you are looking for a trusted and reputable supplier of bulk pillows, DZEE Textiles is the best choice for you.

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