Why are Without borderlines Terry Towels an Appeal for Motels?

The hospitality industry consistently works to provide its customers with the best quality services. In the pursuit of the highest level of satisfaction, the industry strives to procure only top-notch hotel supplies. Hotel collection towels are a core component of hotel supplies. In the modern day, hotel towels have taken multiple forms. They are found in different fabric compositions and border styles. But borderless full terry hotel towels have become the new talk of the town. 

This blog will explore the features of borderless full-terry hotel towels and explain why the Opal Super Blend Plus towels by DZEE Textiles can be your hotel’s best buy for the following season. 

What are Full Terry Towels?

Hotel towels can be found in various fabric compositions, but full terry towels hold a unique place amongst them. These towels are made from a woven fabric with long loops that can absorb water quickly. Full terry towels are usually found in 100% cotton composition, but a combination of polyester and cotton is also quite common. 

Opal Super Blend Plus towels feature 70% cotton and 30% polyester fabric composition, which gives them the unique features discussed below. 

Features of Full Terry Towels

Opal Super Blend Plus is not just an ordinary hotel towel. It has been specially crafted to meet the demands for durability, softness, and absorbency. Thus, it can be described as a towel befitting the hotel industry. 

Terry Towels

Opal Super Blend Plus towels have the following features:

1- Fabric Composition 

The fabric composition of Opal Super Blend Plus is 70% cotton and 30% polyester. This unique composition with added polyester gives these towels their quick-drying capability. The added polyester content makes these hotel towels durable and perfect for withstanding institutional laundry. 

2- Borderless Towels

A unique feature of Opal Super Blend Plus hotel towels is that they do not feature any border. Opal Super Blend Plus has been designed to stand out in a world of bordered towels. Its main benefit for hotels is inventory management, allowing them to manage their towels effectively due to their unique design. 

3- Twill Hem 

The twill hem of these towels is specially crafted to replace the borders. The twill hem of Opal Super Blend hotel towels makes it unique in design. 

4- Double-stitched 

A hotel towel that is not durable and enduring is practically useless to a hotel. Double-stitching these hotel towels adds durability and endurance to withstand commercial-grade laundry. 

5- Unique Loop Composition 

This hotel towel stands out with the 70/30 polycotton loops of Opal Super Blend Plus. The unique loop composition of these towels makes them highly absorbent. But an added benefit is the durability and plushness these loops add to the towel. 

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Finally, borderless towels, such as the Opal Super Blend Plus from DZEE Textiles, provide a distinctive and appealing choice for lodging establishments seeking to improve the quality of their visitor experience. These towels are ideal for the rigors of the hospitality sector because of characteristics like their double-stitching for durability, twill hem design, and quick-drying fabric composition. Effective inventory management is further facilitated by the lack of boundaries. These towels’ distinctive loop structure adds to their longevity and plushness while improving absorbency. These advantages demonstrate that borderless towels are a draw for lodging establishments, particularly when considering goods like DZEE Textiles’ Opal Super Blend Plus.

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