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Walking into your hotel guestroom, one of the most first things as a hotelier you need to analyze is does the room look pristine or not. When looking from a broader perspective the bed is a shining example of how clean the rest of the room is. A hotel bedsheet is the first thing that everyone takes notice of when they enter the room as it is one of the most dominant features of the room. There is a lot of thought that goes into choosing the right sheet color. Most hotels pick white and there are significant reasons as to why do hotels use white sheets. When understanding why do hotels use white bed sheets you have to take into account the guest psyche. This will help you understanding better why do hotels use white bedding in majority.

why do hotels use white bed sheets

Why Do Hotels Use White Bedding?

White hotel bedding is prevalent for numerous reasons. But the top three reasons that we have identified includes:

The Visually Perfect Hotel Bed

Sleep is important to guests, a bed that calms them down and invites them always generates positive reviews.

Colors do affect the guest mind and how they perceive their hotel room. When you have colored hotel sheets, a lot of emotions are triggered unknowingly. White sheets on the other hand are neutral and blend in with the guestroom environment. They have a calming effect, which most guests find much more inviting. Colored bedsheets also require specific guestroom décor to match with them. While white sheets go well with all décor without much effort.

One of the biggest reasons why do hotels use white bed sheets is to increase the visual appeal of their guest rooms. This helps guests sleep better without any worries.

Hotel Hygiene Explains Why Do Hotels Use White Bedding

Darker bedsheets tend to camouflage stains which makes hotel hygiene questionable; while stains shine bright on white bedsheets.

When paying a hefty price to a hotel, guests expect clean and safe beds to sleep in. When they walk into a guestroom to find crisp and fresh white bedsheets on the bed; their belief in the hotel is reaffirmed. It also keeps the housekeeping staff always at their toes to maintain the hotel guest rooms accordingly. Even the slightest of stain would show on a white sheet; housekeeping would be able to spot and change the sheets before things get worse.

Hotel hygiene is not something you can ignore; guest health is highly important for the establishment they are staying at. If there are any skin or other problems because of dirty sheets in the hotel, there could be legal action against that establishment.

why do hotels use white bedding

Positive Guest Impact as To Why Do Hotels Use White Bed Sheets

 When guests walk into a hotel room, without a second thought their attention goes to the bed, as it is the biggest piece of furniture; you don’t want them seeing big stains on them.

Darker bedsheets may discourage guests to use the bed without checking it first as they wouldn’t want to sit on something dirty. While white sheets would just show them the cleanliness status only by looking at it. This is one of the biggest reasons why do hotels use white bedding because they want to make a positive impact on their guests. White crisp sheets look inviting and also makes the bed look plushier and more comfortable in every way. This immediately relaxes your guests and they carry a positive image of the rest of the room because of that.

Everything a hotel does is to gain positive reviews and feedbacks from its guests. It gives them the best in every way so that they have the most comfortable stay every. White sheets in hotels always bring about that positive feeling and reflects positively on the hotel.


Quality and price are two main features, to look into when choosing the right white hotel sheet for your hotel.

When you have a hotel supplier such as D ZEE Textiles you have a number of different white hotel bedsheet options. The most economic polycotton sheets being Opal Super Blend Every Day Sheet. Then you have the Icon T-200 Premium Blended Sheets and Swiss Stripe T-250 Luxury Blended Sheets. The most luxury and comfortable white sheets are Ryotei T-300 100% Cotton Super Soft Luxury Sheet and Icon 300 Luxury Blended Sheets. We have just the white hotel sheets every establishment requires for their hotel. Even our polycotton sheets are made with the best quality materials.

To keep the quality of our hotel sheets intact, we provide carton packing which means, you can use the sheets directly from the packaging in your hotel. We believe in helping you serve your customers without added effort.


Why do hotels use white sheets is simply because they white represents purity and cleanliness of the hotel. As discussed, why do hotels use white bedding we believe in being the right partners in providing the right sheets for your establishment. According to you why do hotels use white bed sheets? Let us know in the comments below.



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